Triumf, 2000.
60 minute version and 15 minute excerpted version.

From a description written for the 2002 New York Underground Film Festival:
An old drinking buddy of Ronald Reagan's paused for a moment by his rural log cabin. The sun was at its zenith. In the sudden stillness one could hear the buzz of dying june bugs and the mournful trilling of August's last tree-frog: Autumn was on her way. The breeze had bin laden with the rich smells of dark loam and decaying leaves. He squinted against the pale October sun. It would only be a month or so before his old friend's legacy would be borne out by the highest court in the land. He shook his head slightly, a smile playing over his rough-hewn features, and took up his axe: he had a great deal of wood to split before dusk. S.P.

Hard to believe that Clinton was still president when I made this! Ha, ha, ha.