Hostage Video Stills
Road-sign inks screen-printed on polyester film, grommets.

They may be reinstalled in any configuration using the various existing grommet holes, but the image should be topographically distorted so that it isn't completely legible as a flat picture from one vantage point.

For example, this one ('Hostage Video Still with Time Stamp', '05) showed here in two install views: vertical & horizontal.

The two in the picture above were installed elsewhere as a single overlapping work, showed in the following picture.

A scroll. The uncoated polyester film is the same material used to protect books and paper for acid-free archival storage.

Most of the grommet holes, visible as black dots in this image, are unused, but in another installation of the piece could be used to allow a completely different drape or form.
Video time stamp fully visible here.

The outdoor-use, highway signage inks are necessary to adhere to the uncoated plastic as it is crumpled or twisted, and allow for fluorescent effects.

'Unused Filters'. Leaned or placed on the floor. Fastened shut with a steel cinch.

This last one not actually part of the series of Hostage Video Stills--it features a different motif--but the same material idea.