First time I say something live in public, Ergot Records, NYC, May 2024

My Music on Bandcamp

Soundtracks for Artists, 60+ hours custom mixes ===> for making weird shit

My story Machine Time, 2021, as read by 'me'-trained thing

Courtesy of New Models Berlin, thanks carly and lil internet!

Studio #1: Cutting Chrome Pencils, 2022

Limited non fungible track 'dropped' on Nina Protocol

White Shift, 2018

8-4 9-5 10-6 11-7

8-hour continuous dance mix for the standard working day, from 2007

Soundtrack to my 2011 Fashion Presentation

New York Men’s Fashion Week (Seth Price/Tim Hamilton)

The Rolling Skull, 2002

Jolene, 2006, by The Economist

(Cory Arcangel, Seth Price, Emily Sundblad, Stefan Tcherepnin)

Probable Future, 2002

Seth Price & Stefan Tcherepnin

2007 Live Set in Brooklyn

Gone For Good, I Need Sleep, 1997

Hell yes that's Taryn Simon on vocals there

Seth Price Bandcamp

Earth First! 1997


2010 LP, on Audio Visual Arts records

Anthrop. Journal, 2002

Winterize My Heart, 1999

Cold Soul

2009 ice bangers, super slow

Army Jacket

2012 ‘avant pop’ LP, on Dais Records

Sines, 2003

Sine-wave generated weirdness; on cassette from Period Tapes

Game Heaven, 2001

Video game soundtracks, great for vacuuming

Zero Bow Childreeen, 2014

Chill lil EP from the home studio zone

Let's Bounce, 2003

Darkness XP, 2003

Comp. LP, tracks 2000-2003 (electroclash era)

Prelude to Ron Voyer Home Page, 2000

Akademische Graffity

2006 Vinyl LP from Reena Spaulings Fine Arts

Chhemical Harem, 1998

Itchy, What’s Shakin’, 1999

Price/Tcherepnin Howling Garbage, 2007

White Canyon, 1996

Working Music

2005 reflective harpsichord jam, for working to


2003, new jack swing bangers, released by free103point9

Feelings v. Thoughts, 1998

Iron Curtain Girl

2003 EP of Soviet-bloc femme vocals on electro beats

Dezinformatsiya, 2001

Can't Find A Way Out

1998 NYC 4-tracked noise haze and fuzz, self-release

World of the Future, 1997

All Night Land, 2001

Policier, 1997

NYC 4-track, bass, mic, drum machine, etc, cassette self release

Traditional Masculinity

2004 mix; soooper sloooow acid & trancerz

Jar Jar Binx, 1999

Tuff Spoc, 1998

Auto da Fe, 2001

Nieuw Jacxz Swinzjge, 2001

Hush, 1995

Blaster Track, 2000

Whipz, 2002

Albania, 2002

Burzine 1-1-2, 2014

I should have peed five times...

Brooding Death, 2002

Warpath/Sludge, 1995

Purple grimy 90s 2 high to find teh drum machine

Don’t Kid These Days, 1997

Needles Purte, 2001

Rainbo to Scree, 2001


Seth Price Interviewed by Heidi Zuckerman

2020 podcast