I recorded this between 1996-1998 on a 4-track, with electric bass, drum machine, a delay unit, a casio, a mic, and a small non-keyboard sampler unit. I mixed most tracks out to DAT, and some to CDR when I couldn't borrow the DAT recorder.
Self-released on cassette in 98. I remember that I made about 20. If anyone has one still, I'd love to get a copy--I only have a couple.

Here's the artwork---the cover was an altered xerox from the New York state seal; interior pic was from my 1997 driver's license.

Seth Price Seth Price


A1. Gone for Good, I Need Sleep (vocals: Taryn Simon)
A2. Stupid Fren
A3. Settle for the Ring
A4. Say Something Wronged
A5. Believe in Beauty
A6. Summer of Hate
A7. Feelings v. Thoughts
A8. Don't Kid These Days

B1. Earth First!
B2. Kill This Pride
B3. World of the Future
B4. Demented Teen/Don't Even Try It
B5. Your Autograph
B6. Ohio
B7. Western Ash Union
B8. This is Mine...